For me, leo viana, every Brazilian should visit the lençois just as every Muslim should visit Mecca, at least once in his life! Am I exaggerating? What can you say about 150,000 hectares of national park with more than 10,000 crystal clear natural pools/ponds, exuberant rivers, mangrove swamps and beaches as far as the eye can see? In addition to excellent fresh local food, fish and the ever hard to find and delicious "shrimp from the sea." 

          It is true that everyone would like to visit the lencois and see the hugeness of the lakes between the dunes that make the place famous. I have had the opportunity to go there during the dry season and it is still a huge panorama of beautiful white dunes, an impressive seaside desert, but the lakes and ponds among the dunes during the rainy season are really are what make it a different place!

            But what is the best time to visit the PNLM (National Park of the Lencois Maranhenses)? Your trip to maranhão will always be interesting and full of adventure regardless of the season, but there are factors that make the months of June, July and August particularly special for tourists

            The rainiest period for the Brazilian northeast (which has been getting less and less rain in the last years) lasts from February to April and sometimes continues into May. So, let's agree that the rainy season is not the best time to visit. But right after the rainy season, the possibility that the lakes and ponds will be full is much better and that is something that will make your trip to the lençois even more special!

            So, if you have a choice, the months of JUNE-JULY and AUGUST are your best bet. For more information, visit our page “family itineraries,” book your trip and partake in an unforgettable adventure in this truly Brazilian natural patrimony.


p.s.: If you have time and wish to do some other itinerary, go to Tutóia and see the Maranhense part of the Parnaiba Delta as it is very well preserved and less touristy than the Piaui part.  #ficaadica (hint).