I was born, raised and I studied in Fortaleza, the capital of Ceará, but I usually say that I "lived" in Paracuru, where I have my fondest memories, my dreams, my inspirations....

I had a blessed childhood in this little beachfront town. The coming and going of the jangadas, soccer in the end of the afternoon, the true friendships in the beginning of life.

      From this happy childhood my first passions were born: the sea, surf, fishing with my family, jeep excursions, and a taste for the beach life.

In my adolescence in the end of the 80s and the beginning of the 90s, surfing with my brothers, cousins and friends became my best memories.

      In the beginning of the 2000s while I was at the university, my passion for the world of 4x4 vehicles grew stronger. I was already organizing unpretentious trips with family members and friends to paradisiacal destinations like Jericoacoara, Canoa Quebrada, Mundaú and many others... During these experiences I began discovering the people, places, spots and wave breaks that are now part of my profession!

        Nine years ago (2006) I discovered kitesurfing through a childhood friend and surfing partner from Paracuru, Fabílio Rocha, who is now an IKO instructor. That would change my life . . .

What was once a Hobby and fun and games among friends became a profession for me by joining my two great passions: The world of off-Road and the world of Kitesurfing!


Leo Viana: Tourist Guide, Social Scientist, Thinker, Bohemian, Dreamer, Kitesurf Enthusiast, Land Rover Specialist and, above all, Lover of life! That is how I define myself and that is the way I continue making friends from every continent! These days the world comes to me! This is my success and this is my life!



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